Throwback Thursday: Nickel Creek

I’m gonna come right out and say it:  I think the fiddle is under-rated.  I mean, have you ever come across someone frowning while a jig is being played?  I haven’t.  In fact, I think it’s impossible.   That’s why I’m always happy when I listen to Nickel Creek.   Although they don’t actually play any jigs.  But you really can’t beat their signature mixture of fiddle, mandolin, relaxing harmonies and magic.  Especially the magic part.

Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek formed all the way back in 1989 and released a total of five albums between then and 2005.  The first two albums were (practically) unknown as they didn’t have a lot of exposure and the group was still young and forming their signature sound (remember the fiddles and magic from the first paragraph?)  It wasn’t until they released their third, self-titled album (produced by THE Alison Krauss) that they really started getting some praise.  Of course by “some” praise I actually mean “a ridiculous amount of” praise as they landed themselves two Grammy nominations and were labeled by TIME magazine as one of the “Five Music Innovators of the Millennium.”

But the album that really got me hooked on their unique blend of Bluegrass and awesome was This Side released in 2002.  The album moved away from the strict Bluegrass style of the previous albums and blended a more folk acoustic guitar sound with the fiddle and mandolin to create a sound closer to that of an indie-rock album.  The leap into this new genre immediately paid off (according to me) and started Nickel Creek on a whole new journey in folk music.

Although the band strayed slightly from the straight Bluegrass sound of their previous albums, they still continued to incorporate songs that stuck closer to their roots.  “Smoothie Song” is the opening track to the album and is strictly an instrumental taste of where the album is about to go.

All in all, Nickel Creek is one of my favorite bands and, although they are no longer recording albums or touring together, they will always live forever in my heart…and in my iPod.

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