On Location: Dave Barnes and Andrew Ripp

dave-barnes-1Lincoln Hall in Chicago is one of the newest venues around and, personally, one of my favorites.  With a wide-open space and a living room like atmosphere, every seat is a good seat.  But what makes it even better is when they invite great artists like Dave Barnes and Andrew Ripp for a night of music and relaxing.

The show started off with an intimate set from Andrew Ripp with only an acoustic guitar and piano player/slide guitar player.  I’ve personally only seen Andrew with a full band, so seeing him in an “unplugged” session was truly an engaging experience.  His set included some of the songs from his new album, as well as old favorites such as “The Privileged Life” and a stripped down piano version of “Dresden Wine” from his freshmen release Fifty Miles to Chicago.

andrew-ripp-1When Dave Barnes hit the stage, fans were treated to not only Barnes’ classic stand-up comedy routine, but also songs from his new album What We Want, What We Get.  Fans heard the story behind “My Love, My Enemy” and were able to catch a collaborative effort between Barnes and Ripp for “What I Need” (with vocals originally sang by Jonny Lang on the record.)  It was like watching two best friends perform side-by-side as Ripp jumped on stage for more than half of the show to help cover the back-up vocals for some of Barnes’ most melodic songs.

Overall, it was a beyond pleasing performance and a great tie in to Andrew Ripp‘s upcoming sophomore album release produced by Dave Barnes.  The musical partnership between these two personable musicians is strong and, if you get the chance, make sure you check them out in person sometime soon.  They go together better than a peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup, marshmallow fluff sandwich.  And that’s saying a lot.

Listen to What We Want, What We Get by Dave Barnes:

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Dave Barnes - What We Want, What We Get

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Andrew Ripp - Fifty Miles to Chicago

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