Let me tell you the difference between professional music journalists and us here at FreshScouts—they talk about music like it’s food, with all sorts of gorgeous, poetic ways of describing exactly how a song is beautiful (or equally negative poetic ways of describing the pungent stench of crappy music, like that of Ke$ha). We, on the other hand, steer clear of negative reviews by only choosing bands we legitimately like, and when featuring said band we normally skip the poetry and offer clever quips such as, “This album is really good” and “These guys rock out.”

Are we poets? No. But we also don’t flower things up and waste your time with groups that blow. Instead, our job is just to introduce hot artists and give you a few samples of their flavor. Today, we’re going to have a look at a pop-rock group called Parachute, who most recently toured with Kelly Clarkson.

Their album is really good. These guys rock out.

Those prosaic music journalists, specifically the ones at “Fly Magazine,” call Parachute’s music “Blue-eyed soul, adult pop, Maroon-5-Style faux-funk,” but we’d define them more as a bunch of guys that do cool stuff with melodies in a mellow, pop-rocky sort of way. Lead singer Will Anderson’s voice is relatively typical of the genre, but he throws in some unexpected minor notes in an otherwise major hook, and that’s part of what makes this group so interesting.

“She Is Love” is by far the best track these boys bring to the table, but their entire debut album, “Losing Sleep,” is very, very good. Other notable tracks include “The Mess I Made” and “Under Control,” but you could easily put this entire record on in the background while doing homework or making out with a hottie. Or, if you’re really talented, both of those things at the same time.

Put as simply as I can put it, Parachute is solid music. Good tunes, sweet lyrics, unique melodies. And you don’t need poetry to figure that out.

Check out “She Is Love” here:

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