Passion Pit

If the name of this group makes you think of the little adult establishment that you visit out by the interstate…well, you are a perv.  And no this is not the establishment where the kids from 90210 hung out.  Passion Pit is an electronic/synth band out of Massachusetts that is gearing up to blow your mind.


Passion Pit

The music that these boys put out is nothing that you will easily find on your local radio dial.  Well, maybe you would find it if your radio ran through a synthesizer that also doubled as a time machine that only goes back to the 1970′s and early 1980′s.   Their sound is ethereal, trippy and vibrant.  Much love to my thesaurus for that last sentence.  This style of music may take a few listens to get used to but I know it will grow on you.  The guys have shared the stage with Death Cab for Cutie and Girl Talk.  You  might find their sound is similar in style to The Postal Service.

Passion Pit’s new album “Manners” came out a few months ago and it is quickly gaining a lot of attention.  I personally recommend that you check out “The Reeling”, “Sleepyhead” and “Little Secrets”.

Scope out the “Sleepyhead” video to see what Passion Pit is all about.

If you like Passion Pit, check out Girl Talk!

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