Paula Fuga

How should I describe the music of Paula Fuga?  Soulful?  Bluesy?  Sure, those will do, but that just doesn’t cut it.  How about Hawaiian soul?  Yeah, that hits the spot.  Not familiar with Hawaiian soul?  Well, you need to introduce yourself to the gifted beauty of Paula Fuga.  This woman possesses something special and she is ready to share it with anyone willing to listen.


Paula Fuga and Jack Johnson

American Idol enthusiasts that have a freakish memory regarding past contestants will remember Fuga’s audition.  If you want to see the judges blow a decision you can watch it here.  So AI didn’t work out for her.  Were the judges too concerned with selling an image and not finding amazing vocal talent?  Well dawg, we will let you be the judge of that one.  That “missed” opportunity has not held her back one bit.

Fuga’s 2010 EP, Misery’s End, is the follow up to her 2006 self-released debut album, Lilikoi.  Fuga doesn’t need Simon, Paula Abdul and Randy.  On Misery’s End she saddles up with Jack Johnson and Ziggy Marley.  Yeah, we think she is doing just fine for herself.  Fuga’s music is simply beautiful.  Her style blends traditional Hawaiian sounds and instrumentation with contemporary blues, soul and jazz.  Misery’s End is the perfect music to celebrate the remaining weeks of summer.  Support amazing music.  Support Paula Fuga!

KC’s Personal Picks:  “Country Road” and “Parachute”

Jack Johnson joins Paula Fuga on a live version of “Country Road”

*Thanks April!*

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