Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson

I became hooked on Pete Yorn when I first heard his 2001 album musicforthemorningafter with the single “Life On A Chain”.  Pete has consistently churned out some stellar music over the years.  I remember first seeing Scarlett Johansson on the silver screen in the 2003 film “Lost In Translation”.  As I left the theater that evening I fondly remember telling my friends that one day Yorn and Johansson will unite through music.  Can I really see into the future like that?  Or am I a pathological liar that makes up crazy stories that can’t be validated?  Choose your own adventure with that one.


I must admit the last time I gave my heart away to an actor turned singer it was Eddie Murphy in 1985 with his single “Party All The Time”.  Yeah, he broke my heart.  Although, I have discovered that some listeners misheard the lyrics by replacing “Party” with “Potty” making it even more of a comical song.  If anything that word swap makes it a great potty training song for the kiddies.  But I digress.

Time has passed and I have finally broken down and given an actor another shot at a singing career.  I must admit I am not heartbroken.  I am actually pleased.  Johansson connected with Yorn three years ago and pounded out this duet project in just a few days.  Word is that Yorn had a dream and we he awoke he knew he wanted to sing with Johansson even though he had never heard her sing before.  Starkly different than my dreams involving Johansson.  Anywho…the two creative souls combine nicely for a sound that is fun, light, warm and unique.  Listening to their album reminds me of the feeling I get when drinking warm milk.  Although it would be like pouring warm milk in your ear minus the burning and swimmer’s ear of course.

Break Up takes you on the crazy journey that is falling in and out of love.  Each song takes you through the emotions of a relationship.  The good, the bad and the not-so-good.  Hence the break up.  Johansson’s vocals add a little something special to an already incredibly talented musician in Yorn.  Their combined efforts are simply fun to listen to.  I am addicted to the rhythms of their first single “The Relator”.  I would also recommend that you give “Shampoo” and “Blackie’s Dead” a spin.  Break Up is a short and quirky album that won’t break your heart.


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