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I like it when rappers don’t take themselves too seriously.  So many hip-hoppers these days care too much about their badass images—personas that require they wear stylized MLB caps with the stickers still on the bill and jeans the approximate size and looseness of genie pants.  But not Pharaohe Monch.  He’s just an upbeat, oldschool sort of rapper with a picked-out fro and really, really fun lyrics.

Ain't a Damn Thang Changed...

Ain't a Damn Thang Changed...

In fact the most iconic lines in “Simon Says,” the song that really put him on the map almost a decade ago, have to do with asking ladies to show their sweater meats.  Yup, before there was “Girls Gone Wild,” there was Pharaohe Monch.

His album “Internal Affairs” came out in 2000, followed by the highly-anticipated “Desire” in 2007—both of which are chock full of tasty hip-hop morsels.  The intro on “Internal Affairs” is one of the catchiest songs he’s ever done, but standouts on that album also include “Official,” which uses all kinds of witty sports wordplay, “Right Here,” and “Next Sh**,” which features Busta Rhymes.

On “Desire,” where Monch (short for “Monchichi”—yes, the monkey dolls) donned a mummy costume for the cover, the notables are “Welcome to the Terrordome,” “Push,” and “Let’s Go.”  These songs may come seven years after his solo debut, but that trademark yadda-yadda rambling Pharoahe style is still there.  And it’s pure rap bliss.

In doing some reading I came across some articles suggesting that a 3rd solo album, entitled “W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)” is scheduled to be out sometime this year, but so far it’s not listed on, even though hordes of Monch fans (like myself) are excited about its release.  News on that is forthcoming, but for now there’s plenty of classics for you to wet your palette with.  I mean, with which to wet your palette.  One of those two.

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