Throwback Thursday: Pixies

The Pixies had a profound impact on my appreciation for music.  I know I am not alone with that statement.  The Pixies helped usher in the alternative rock scene that hit in the early 90′s.  On many occasions Kurt Cobain acknowledged the influence the Pixies had over the creation of Nirvana.  It goes without saying that my teenage angst was set to the soundtrack of the Pixies’ 1989 release of Doolittle.

pixies2The Pixies came together in Boston in the mid 1980′s.  Black Francis not only had the task of having a killer stage name, he also had the job of lead vocalist and songwriter for the group.  Kim Deal slapped the bass and added incredibly memorable melodic vocal tracking. With David Lovering on drums and Joey Santiago on guitar the foursome known as the Pixies took the music industry by storm.  To try and follow an album like Doolittle is like trying to follow a hyperactive rabbit running through a field of land mines while being chased by snownado.  What I am trying to say is that from a lyrical stand point it is out there and at times straight up crazy.  If you try and follow along with a lyric sheet you will find yourself saying, “what the what?”  I have listened to many interviews with Black Francis where he admitted that the song witting wasn’t always supposed to mean something profound.  So I advise you not to look for the secret meanings of life in the words and just enjoy the incredible music of it all.

Out of all of the albums in the Pixies catalog, Doolittle has always seemed the most polished.  One of the most universally highlighted tracks is “Debaser”.  The uncharacteristic surfer pop “Here Comes Your Man” adds a softer sound to the mix.  “Wave of Mutilation” and “Monkey Gone to Heaven” are pure gems.  Oh, and let’s not forget about “Hey”.  I just doesn’t get any better than that.

Since Doolittle the band broke up, released some albums, got back together, broke up, and then focused on side projects.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Doolittle the gang got back together for a small tour which instantly sold out.  That touring was extended into late 2009 and again into early 2010.  There are now rumors floating around of a new Pixies album on the horizon.  Could it be?  While we wait for the good news you can sit back and take in the uniqueness of one of my favorite albums.

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