New Music Tuesday: Priscilla Renea

When you hear “Dollhouse,” the bubbly feature track of the new Priscilla Renea album entitled “Jukebox,” you immediately think, “Hey, that sounds like a song that would be on the radio.”  And you’d be right.  Billboard is loving this talented young lady right now, as are the fans apparently, because “Dollhouse” is rising up singles charts right now.

priscillarenea2But “Dollhouse” is probably the least imaginative song on the entire album, over half of which was written completely by Renea herself.  She even plays most of the instruments for cripe’s sake.  It’s amazingly diverse for a pop album, offering shades of Lauryn Hill, except not quite so cynical about the world.  Renea is happy, silly, imaginative, and fun.  But the combination of throwback soul and modern-day pop is something Hill took to new levels of ingenuity, and “Jukebox” continues in the genre that Hill revolutionized.

“Love Sick” and “Pretty Girl” both have the sound and potential to be radio hits for Renea down the road, and “Rockabye Baby” and “Bacon & Eggs” are the sort of upbeat tracks you could see yourself dancing to at somebody’s wedding.  The tuba-laden baseline and buzzing sound effects in the track “Mr. Workabee” creates a sound that’s borderline childlike, but in a good way.  And “Stonegarden” is a unique and melodic ballad with probably the most somber vibe of any song on the record.

We know that pop music isn’t for everybody.  Some people just don’t like to feel happy, and for those people there’s always Staind.  But if you’d rather smile that feeling like removing your eyeball with a spork, pop in a little Priscilla Renea instead.  She does pop exactly the right way, and because she actually takes part in the writing process it makes her that much easier to respect as an artist.

Remember, “Dollhouse” doesn’t just sound like a song that would be on the radio; it is a song on the radio.  Which means that you should buy this album immediately.



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