Ronald Jenkees

It boils down to this: few internet personalities are more enjoyable to watch than Ronald Jenkees.  His heavy-rimmed, coke-bottle glasses and collection of colorful fedoras don’t even begin to describe his eccentricity, both in terms of his personality and his music.  The guy is pure entertainment.

ronaldjenkees2Stylistically he’s somewhere in between hip-hop and techno with splashes of jazz, and even though there aren’t any words to his songs the music itself is almost always packed full of energy and what we in the business call “pizzazz.”  It’s pretty easy to figure out that he’s just laying down loops and jamming out on the keyboard, but the formula never seems to get old.

He hasn’t posted a new YouTube video in probably a year, but fans have been qualmed by the release of his most recent album, “Disorganized Fun,” which came out in July and is full of the usual Jenkees madness.  It’s almost a shame that some big-name rapper isn’t filling out his instrumentals because there’d be some bona fide hits in the mix of what he does.  Whether it’s his remix of the “Rocky” theme song or the track he put down for the podcast lead-in for’s Bill Simmons.  That one’s called “Derty” because, let’s face it, it’s a damn derty track.  In a good way.

We’ve grown to appreciate his “Hey YouTubes!” introduction almost as much as his music, and even though for the life of us we can’t figure out whether this dude is for real or if he’s just running some sort of gimmick on all of us, it really doesn’t matter.  The guy puts down sick music, and as far as amateur jamming pianists are concerned he’s got to be among the best.

We aren’t going to get into the habit of pimping “artists” from the online video arena because, for the most part, we haven’t been particular impressed with that batch of artists.  But Jenkees is an exception.  Good music is good music, so matter how goofy the musician might be.  If Lyle Lovett could do it, the sky’s the limit for our boy R.J.

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