Sean Costello

Take a look back through our FreshScouts archives and it should be fairly clear that we love blues music.  Storytellers that dwell in the pain and joy of life have a way of speaking directly to us.  We proudly add bluesman Sean Costello to our archives.  Costello was an incredibly talented young blues artist with a passion that flowed through every single note.

Sean Costello

At the ripe young age of sixteen, Sean Costello released his first blues album, Call the Cops.  He immediately impacted the industry with his masterful command over the blues guitar.  Costello’s riffs can make even the toughest man shed a tear.  Costello didn’t stop there, he also dominated stages with gritty vocals and brutally honest song writing.  He is often referenced as a true triple-threat in the blues industry.  In his short career he worked with B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Susan Tedeschi, just to name a few.  Costello churned out an incredible collection of music from 1996 to 2008.

Costello’s last album, We Can Get Together, was the one that introduced me to his genius.  He was masterful on the album.  You know, it still stings having to use the word “was” in reference to Costello.  We lost a great musician in Sean Costello when he passed away do to an accidental overdose.  It was after Costello’s sudden death in April 2008, that his family publicly shared that he had been suffering from Bipolar disorder.  Sean’s music lives on, and thanks to his family a great organization spreads much needed awareness on the topic of Bipolar disorder.  We here at FreshScouts ask that you check out The Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research.  An eye opening statistic from the site points out that “Bipolar disorder affects more than 2 million Americans - about 3 out of every 100 adults.”  Enjoy Costello’s music and do what you can to educate yourself and those around you.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Hard Luck Woman”, “Told Me A Lie” and “Going Home”

Check out Costello’s 2007 live version of “Told Me A Lie”

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