sia2I’ve been in the mood for some hot music.  I’m not talking about the latest Kanye track or anything you might find in an inappropriate video.  No, I’m talking about genuinely hot music.  Music that will burn your ears if you get to close.  For a while, I thought it didn’t exist.  I thought it couldn’t exist.  And after searching literally for minutes, I thought I would give up.  But after running into a very wise (very drunk) bar patron the other night wanting to offer me every person he has ever listened to ever, I discovered Sia.

I thought it was destiny after I went home and listened to some of her tracks.  I thought it was meant to be.  I had been searching for the hottest of hot music and I had finally found it.  One listen to the soulful stylings of “The Fight” and “Clap Your Hands” and it was hook, line and sinker.  Her Nelly-like beats and sound blend with a Fiona Apple-ish vocal to create tracks that are completely playful and dance worthy.

Slow it down a bit with tracks like “I’m In Here” and you get the full package.  In fact, she’s so good she only needs one name.  Not like those other guys that have TWO names.  Ha!  Two names?!  Who needs TWO names when you can have ONE?! That’s what I imagine she says anyways.

Check out the video for “Clap Your Hands” and, you know, clap your hands:

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Kyle Brigham is a fan of all things music. He has been to a ridiculous number of concerts across the nation and has been interviewing bands for over 10 years. He likes to listen to music excessively loud and thinks you got to get up to get down.

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