Throwback Thursday: Silverchair

silverchair2I’ve been a huge fan of Silverchair ever since their debut album Frogstomp in 1995.  I have always been a purveyor of 90′s music, so the garage alternative hard rock sound of Silverchair was right up my alley.  But (admittedly to my own surprise) this is one of those bands that has refused to conform to the space of one genre.  They have constantly evolved their sound to produce music they want to produce without having to stick to any type of formula.  Case in point, their fourth studio album, Diorama.

Now don’t get me wrong, the three albums previous to Diorama (including Frogstomp) were all staples of Silverchair‘s sound and evolution to new types of music.  But Diorama is really the point at which I said to myself, “Self, they are really taking a chance with this album, and I like it.”  The first time I heard it, I had to be convinced it was actually Silverchair.  Granted, lead singer Daniel Johns’ signature vocals were hard to miss, but the whole rest of their sound flew miles away from where they started off with Frogstomp.

If you enjoyed the gritty rock sound of their first album, this album is a complete 180 to what you’d be expecting, but in a good way.  After you get used to the lack of grunge, the addition of a complete horn and string section and the focus on the melody (even though it spans a number of different scales and is seemingly completely sporadic), you get used to the completely new sound and accept it as the next generation of Silverchair.

Songs like “Across the Night”,  “World Upon Your Shoulders” and “My Favourite Thing” are all melody driven whereas songs like “The Greatest View”, “One Way Mule” and “Without You” have hints of that old school Silverchair sound.  Regardless of the new additions to the sound, Silverchair still has hints of that old school, nostalgic 90′s sound we all came to know and love.

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