Throwback Thursday: The Gabe Dixon Band

Sometimes I hate to write throwback posts for the mere fact that the band is no longer.  Something comes along that you come to know and love and just as suddenly, it’s gone.  Like when Full House gave their last moral lesson or when Harry Potter hung up his wand for the last time,  I honestly cried for weeks.  But we push on.  We cherish those things and make them last forever through syndication and motion pictures.  But what do you do when one of your favorite bands decides to call it quits?  Cry for weeks.  That’s what I do anyways.

Gabe Dixon sans band.

Gabe Dixon sans band.

The Gabe Dixon Band first formed in 1998 and have been producing great music ever since.  With a blend of sounds closer to Ben Folds  and The Fray, lead singer Gabe Dixon’s silky smooth voice compliments the piano-rock better than red wine with steak.  Add in a stand-up band and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.  Their most recent self-titled project The Gabe Dixon Band was released in 2008 to much praise from loyal fans and reviewers alike.  Catchy tracks like “All Will Be Well” and “Ever After You” provide that sweet sweet ear candy while slower, more soulful tracks like “Further the Sky” pull you in with heartfelt lyrics and raw emotion.  Like the first time I heard “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal.  Life-changing.

In my opinion, The Gabe Dixon Band should be under our “Featured Artist” section, but alas it was very recently decided they would split for various reasons. Who knows what the future will bring, and with fingers crossed I say I hope they reunite to produce more music.  I mean, I’ve already lost Full House and Harry Potter.  I can’t afford to lose the Gabe Dixon Band too.

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