The Knux

theknux2It wasn’t long ago we featured this silent “K” duo of alternative hip-hop brothers in our Weekly Jukebox.  The New Orleans natives employ electronic, alternative and hip-hop to create a steady flow of multiple genres of music in their 2008 release Remind Me In 3 Days.  Their most famous single “Bang! Bang!” has been featured on this thing called the radio and also some show called Entourage.

But after picking up their album, I was [not] surprised to find a whole album of catchy tracks not far from the very attractive beats in their first single.  Songs like “F!re (Put It in the Air)” and “Cappuccino” take hip-hop, stick it in a blender with guitars, hardcore and awesome and toss out a delicious hip-hop milkshake on the other end.  Pretty appetizing? I know.

In a sea of auto-tune and a top 40 that time and time again has followed the same formula, a group like The Knux show that some artists can still hang with the big dogs.  They make me believe that it is still possible to make unique beats and create a unique sound without the “help” of Kanye West.  Take that Kanye West.

After the two brothers “Krispy” and “Joey” were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, they re-located to Los Angeles where they kicked off their now successful music career.  They were quickly invited to pretty much every major U.S. festival including the famous Lollapalooza where they were discovered by the also famous me.  And I promise, once you check The Knux out you’ll be hooked on your new favorite hip-hop artists.  You can send thank you cards to me.  Money is also accepted.

Check out the video for “F!re (Put It in the Air)”:

Listen to the album:

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