The Lovell Sisters


Ready to get your face rocked off with a Dobro, fiddle and a mandolin?  Make sure you stock up on that face insurance because you will need it.  Megan, Jessica and Rebecca make up The Lovell Sisters and their combination of Americana, bluegrass, acoustic and folk music is gaining a lot of well deserved attention.  While you might not currently hear this style of music on the top of the pop charts these three talented musicians have the skills needed to crossover into the mainstream.

Let’s quickly explore my Top Ten reasons why The Lovell Sisters are going to do great things in the music industry.

  1. Just trust me.  I am very smart.  Just ask my mom.
  2. These ladies are insanely talented young musicians.  When Rebecca was just 15 years old she won the MerleFest mandolin contest making her the youngest ever to win the title.  To top it off she was also the first woman ever to do so.  Take that old dudes!
  3. This past summer they tore up the stage at Bonnaroo.
  4. In 2008 they took the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.
  5. They have had major labels knocking at their door, but they have remained independent so that they can preserve their original artistic vision.
  6. They are super cute.
  7. Elvis Costello sought them out to open for several of his recent shows.
  8. They are siblings.  The Jonas’ did it.
  9. See #1
  10. Because Fresh Scouts said so.

We first featured their single “Time To Grow” a few months ago in our Weekly Jukebox.  That track is a must have and is the lead single off the album of the same name. You also have to pick up “In My Time Of Dyin’”, “Distance” and the instrumental jam “Ichetucknee Chutney”.

The Lovell Sisters performing “Time To Grow” on a morning talk show.   Music starts at 45 seconds.

If you enjoy The Lovell Sisters you will “lovell” Nickel Creek.

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