The Low Anthem

“Hey Tank, have you heard of The Low Anthem?”
“Nope. Is that like an anthem that you can hardly hear?”
“No, it’s an American folk band that creates a mix of haunting melodies and traditional folk songs with a slew of interesting instruments for harmonic support.”
“So you can hear them then?”
“Well yeah.”
“So shouldn’t it be called The Low (But Not So Low You Can’t Hear It) Anthem?”
“Maybe you should suggest that.”
“I’m already writing a letter.”

thelowanthem2The Low Anthem was created in the little big state of Rhode Island.  The band’s mix of style along with their eclectic mix of instrumentation allows them to explore different sounds throughout their critically acclaimed release Oh My God Charlie Darwin.  The album goes from slower, more melodic songs like “Charlie Darwin” which has a powerful Bon Iver-esque falsetto harmony to “The Ghosts Who Write History Books” which sounds closer to a Wallflowers ballad (with even a mix of Bob Dylan harmonica).  “Ticket Taker” reminded me of Leonard Cohen with the deep vocals and strong lyric-focused melody.

After listening to the album, I realized that this band does an excellent job of creating a number of different sounds while still keeping a common theme.  I appreciated how the entire album tied together nicely for a full, melodic sound without sounding over-produced.  If you like Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers or just plain good music, make sure you check out The Low (But Not So Low You Can’t Hear It) Anthem.  I mean, that’s what they’ll be called eventually.

Check out the video for “Charlie Darwin”:

Listen to the album:

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