The Open Sea

When I heard Ari Hest was part of a side project called The Open Sea, I didn’t have to wonder if I would like it.  I just knew I would.  Honestly, if Ari left me a voice mail message I would probably say the message is the single of the week.  Yeah, we like Ari.  Now, add the heavenly Rosi Golan into the mix and this thing just got real…for real.

Rosi Golan and Ari Hest

As individuals, Ari and Rosi have developed solid singer-songwriter careers that highlight their incredible voices.  It is always wonderful to see when two talented individuals come together to make something new.  We, the listeners, reap the benefits.  Ari and Rosi’s voices fit together perfectly like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  The finished product is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful showcase of what the human voice is capable of.

As The Open Sea, Rosi and Ari have created something special in their EP, Little Apple.  The 5 tracks that they have chosen float effortlessly through the atmosphere.  Their superb vocals and simple arrangements show off what they are both so darn good at.  Little Apple is exhibit A for why more artists need to seriously look at collaborating.  Do everything in your power to spread the word about this project.  Support great artists and great music.

KC’s Personal Picks: “All in a Day” and “Starlight”

Check out their live performance of “All in a Day”

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