Throwback Thursday: Andrew Dykers

Today’s music scene is saturated with auto-tune, lyrics with no meaning and airbrushed photo shoots.  Andrew Dykers has been placed on this planet to save our ears.  Dykers embodies fresh music.  His lyrics come from the heart, not a thesaurus.  Prepare to feel his music and let it wash over you.  Yeah, it’s that good.

Andrew never signed with a major label.  He hasn’t had his songs featured in CW television shows.  You most likely have never even heard of him.  Yet, he has toured all over the United States playing venues large and small.  He has shared the stage with music industry heavyweights.  Mainstream music would make us question his success as an artist.  For me Dykers’ album Zoot is one of my personal top ten favorite albums.

Andrew Dykers

Andrew Dykers

For me this album was less about mainstream popularity and more about meaning.  Listening to Zoot always reminds me of the fall.  While listening to the tracks this morning I can almost smell the leaves on the ground.  Well, it helped that there are leaves on the ground.  More importantly though is the fact that I got a chance to see Dykers perform live nine years ago right in the middle of the fall season.

And that is why Zoot is so amazing to me.  One listen transports me. Dykers’ music is so real and so raw that it dares you not to be taken in.  It was always clear to me that when on stage he became his music.  He channeled the emotion of soulful performers that have come before him.  Every movement and every word is intended to provoke an emotional response.

My reactions to this album are why I love music so much.  Maybe you won’t have the same response from Andrew Dykers.  And that is ok.  To each their own, right?  I would be shocked though if at least one track didn’t speak to you.  I dare you to listen.  I double-dog-dare you.

I would highly recommend that you give “Saturday”, “Do What You Gotta Do” and “In Spite Of You” a listen.  Oh, and don’t forget my personal favorite “Shine”.  The video below showcases Dykers on this track when he recently stepped back into the studio after a temporary vacation from performing.

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