Throwback Thursday: Audiovent

A lot of us have siblings that have gone on to make a heck of a lot more out of themselves than we have, forcing us to spend our entire lives crawling out of that particular sibling’s shadow in an attempt to be equally successful. It’s hard work—just ask Cooper Manning, Drama from “Entourage,” or that little Bonus Jonas. You can’t chide your bro for doing what he does best, but if you’re going to follow in his footsteps the road ain’t gonna be an easy one.

Left: Incubus. Right: Not Incubus.

Left: Incubus. Right: Not Incubus.

Now, multiply that pressure by three and you get the roots of the band Audiovent, who put out their single major-label album, “Dirty Sexy Nights in Paris,” in 2002. Lead singer Jason Boyd is the brother of Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd, and Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger has two siblings in the band as well: little bro Benjamin and step-bro Paul Fried. In a sense, it’s a little mini-Incubus, with a somewhat similar sound and a very similar look.

In reality, the group sounds more like Shinedown or Theory of a Deadman than Incubus, but part of the struggle Audiovent went through in their very brief heyday was whispers of nepotism, but we’re not buying it. This group has some very solid tunes on their one widely-released record, and we feel the need to share those tunes with the masses who may never have heard of them.

The only full official music video available on YouTube is “Looking Down,” the group’s moderately successful second single, and once you get past how much Jason looks like his brospeh you realize that the song is actually very good. “The Energy” was the group’s other single, but our personal favorite track on the record is “Stalker,” which rocks a bit of a lazy off-beat with hard cords and fun lyrics about an obsessive lover. It’s commercial alt-rock, but it’s good stuff—even without the ties to a mega-group like Incubus.

After the album failed to really gain much traction the guys went their separate ways, some to other bands and Boyd to his American Caveman clothing line, which may or may not still exist (internet searches for an active link were unsuccessful). Whatever they’re doing these days, they’re doing it despite the pressure from the continued success of their family members. That’s a tall shadow, folks—one I wouldn’t want for myself. Of course, if anything ever happens to Brandon Boyd or Mike Einziger, at least we know the band has the familial resources to keep things going. Then we’ll see who is in whose shadow.

“The Energy” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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