Throwback Thursday: Buena Vista Social Club

buenavistasc2You know those things you remember from your childhood that pretty much sum up all of your growing up in its entirety?  Could be a Red Flyer wagon or a Louisville Slugger or the smell of a homemade apple pie.  For me, it’s Buena Vista Social Club.  I grew up with this album.  I also grew up with Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Billy Joel and James Taylor, but this album sticks out for the unique accent it put on my father’s musical selection.  Not to say that the other artists lack a unique style, but when you are child still expanding your musical selections, something like Buena Vista Social Club really sticks out.

The recording (it’s not so much a band as a recording) was named after a prominent members club in Havana, Cuba (pronounced Coo-ba to the layman.)  The original recording actually included musicians that played at the club during its prime in the 1940′s.  The whole album has this vintage, better times sound that, in my opinion, is one of the best feelings an album has offered to me in a while.  It is almost the equivalent to sitting back and listening to a Frank Sinatra album with a great bottle of scotch and a cigar.  Except with a hint of fiesta.

The opening track “Chan Chan” is one of their most popular and one of my personal favorites.  Listen to this album in the summertime with a glass of lemonade and a straw hat (I’m not sure what the straw hat is for, but it seems like it fits.)  Even though I have no idea what they are saying, although I should I took 7 years of Spanish, the music speaks to me, and I’m certain it will speak to you too.

Check out this classic video for “Chan Chan”:

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