Throwback Thursday: Doyle Bramhall II

Doyle Bramhall II first came to my attention in 2006 when I saw the incredible music documentary, Before the Music Dies.  Bramhall’s musical journey was heavily featured in the film along with interviews with My Morning Jacket, Erykah Badu, Eric Clapton and Dave Matthews.  The documentary should be mandatory viewing for all musicians and fans of music.  You simply must see Before the Music Dies.

doyle bramhall 2

Bramhall pays homage to the blues with his Lightnin' Hopkins tattoo

In the documentary it was Bramhall’s struggle with major label representation that was highlighted.  His issues with creative independence and getting his music out are very compelling.  Through his interview and clips of his live performances I instantly got hooked on his music.  After watching the film I ran out and got my hands on a copy of his 1999 release, Jellycream.  This album is pure lightning in a bottle.  It is raw, gritty, explosive and at the same time subtle, passionate and thoughtful.  When asked the question “what albums would you want if you were trapped on a deserted island?” Jellycream would be one of them.

Bramhall is a master of the guitar and his blues-rock soaked voice is out of this world.  His music catalog is robust with his solo projects, group work and guest appearances.  He has collaborated on projects with Sheryl Crow, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi and Eric Clapton.  In 2000, it was Clapton that came across Jellycream and loved it so much that he and B.B. King recorded two of Bramhall’s songs for their Riding with the King album.  Yeah, you read that right and yes, that is a big deal!  Make it your duty to seek out the work of Doyle Bramhall II and others like him.  Not only will you find yourself immersed in amazing music, but you will also ensure that great music stays alive.

KC’s Personal Picks: “I Wanna Be”, “Marry You” and “Day Come Down”

The trailer for “Before the Music Dies” that features Doyle Bramhall II and many others

Need more rockin’ blues?  Get yourself some Joe Bonamassa!

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