Throwback Thursday: Fuel

fuel2So you’ll start to notice (if you haven’t already) that most of my Throwback Thursday artists are from the 90′s.  I can’t help it.  In fact, I have a whole list of artists just waiting to be remembered from the 90′s that belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  At least in my personal Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The “Tank Memorial Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”.  Not sure why it’s a memorial.  I guess it just sounds better.

So who better to go into my personal Memorial Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than Fuel.  These guys produced a slew of hits (mostly in 1998) with the release of their first album Sunburn.  Most notably, their singles “Shimmer”, “Sunburn” and “Jesus or a Gun”.  And how could one forget their first single of the new millennium, “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)” which appeared at #30 on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

Since then, the band has gone through multiple personnel changes and has shown little to no activity for an official re-uniting.  In fact, the odds of them getting back together are about as good as the odds that led me to lose $300 at the casino last weekend.  But if you’re looking for a Fuel-like show with Fuel-like qualities, a reformed band is still touring around playing Fuel-like songs.  If you’re a purist, you can still re-live the golden Fuel days via compact disc.  Toss on your ripped jeans and flannel shirt for the best overall experience.

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Kyle Brigham is a fan of all things music. He has been to a ridiculous number of concerts across the nation and has been interviewing bands for over 10 years. He likes to listen to music excessively loud and thinks you got to get up to get down.

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