Throwback Thursday: Jamiroquai

jamiroquai2Usually when you think of Jamiroquai, you think of the single that rocked the nation in the ripe year of 1996.  “Virtual Insanity” was our first real introduction into the jazz/funk/pop fusion that is Jamiroquai and we/I welcomed them with open arms.  But what you may not have realized is that they actually have other songs that you already love and other that you are destined to love.  But first, some quick facts.

Jamiroquai is actually a funk band from the U.K.  Most people (including myself) have wrongly mistaken the lead singer Jay Kay as the solo artist that is Jamiroquai.  As you will recall, Kay is the guy prancing around the trippy mobile room in the over-sized, fluffy top hot in the music video for “Virtual Insanity”. But if we are being specific (and we are being specific) the name would refer the band as a whole and not just the lead singer.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me introduce you to the songs you know and the songs you’ll love.  Many of you that have seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite have already heard another one of his songs and may not even have known it.  Remember this scene?

Yep, that’s Jamiroquai.  So it is a proven fact that one can get down to some serious funk.  But only if you have a choreographed dance and some moon boots…those are requirements.

Now for the song you should be listening to.  “Feels Just Like It Should” snuck up on me in 2005 as the most recent jam from the band reminding me that these guys still know how to do it.  And whether or not you’re a fan of the fuzzy top hat, I guarantee you’re a fan of their music.

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Kyle Brigham is a fan of all things music. He has been to a ridiculous number of concerts across the nation and has been interviewing bands for over 10 years. He likes to listen to music excessively loud and thinks you got to get up to get down.

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