Throwback Thursday: Jem

Maybe you like Norah Jones’s smooth, smoky timbre but just can’t listen to more than three of her tracks without slipping into a coma of relaxation.

I’ve got an answer for that.

jem2Maybe you really dig Imogen Heap, but while some of her songs really land musically, others just come off as being really, really out there.

I’ve got an answer for that, too.

Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to listening to Fresh Scouts when we tell you about artists you should be listening to. Maybe you’re one of the people who already has all the answers. If that’s true, maybe you should be writing for us.

But I’m all maybe’d out, and today’s featured throwback, Welsh singer-songwriter Jem, is a hell of lot more than maybe. She’s hip-hop. She’s trance. She’s electronica.

She’s most definitely.

Her 2004 album “Finally Woken” featured the huge European single of the same name, but it was “24” that first put me on. “They” was the first official single of the album, and all three of the tracks use a crafty mix of sampling, soft vocals, and up-tempo beats to make the compositions all come together. Really the entire album struck me as being pretty unique and innovative at the time, and listening to it six years it still holds up.

She’s put out another album since then, 2008’s “Down to Earth,” and has had songs appear on the “Eragon,” “Sex and the City,” and “Down to Earth” soundtracks, as well as plenty of TV cameos—everything from “The O.C.” to “Grey’s Anatomy” to “Desperate Housewives.”

So Jem has stayed busy since I lost track of her a few years ago, but it looks like the new stuff is along the same lines of what I fell in love with on the first album. And you know, maybe you’re not into Jem. Maybe she just doesn’t do it for you. If that’s the case, maybe—just maybe—it’s time for you to leave…

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