Throwback Thursday: Jimmie’s Chicken Shack

With a name like Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, you expect music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I think that’s part of why JCS always has been one of those bands I just can’t shake off no matter how much time has passed since their last video hit TRL.

JCS2That video was “Do Right,” the song that sucked me towards these guys like that little rope spear thing Scorpion throws at people in the Moral Kombat games. The studio version is dandy, but the live acoustic version (which I’m not 100% where you’d find this musical masterpiece) is a million times more entertaining. And that’s saying a lot considering how delicious the studio version is.

The song comes from 1999’s “Bring Your Own Stereo,” which features “Do Right” and loads of other enjoyable diddies. “Trash” and “Spiraling” sound blissfully appropriate for late ‘90s radio play, “Lazy Boy Dash” comes off like something the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies would rock out to, and “String of Pearls” shows they can slow it down a little bit while keeping a catchy melody.

But perhaps the best thing about The Shack, as I’ve affectionately nicknamed them for the purpose of this article, is that they’re really, really fun to see live. These guys make fun of each other (and audience members), they do goofy crap on stage, and thus generally understand that a concert is supposed to be fun and musically entertaining, not just the latter. The lead singer’s name is Jimi Haha, for goodness sake. How can you not love this?

It’s been eleven years since B.Y.O.S. was released, and while it admittedly sounds a little dated, you can’t love turn of the century music and ignore this record. In the true spirit of Throwback Thursday, this album revives the fun and spirit of the times, without all the doom and gloom of the impending Y2K disaster. I say give it a shot, but then I’m the one writing the article.

So… Catch 22.

Check out the old “Do Right” video here:

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