Throwback Thursday: Lindsay Pagano

I’ve got this mix CD I keep hidden at the bottom of a stack in my car’s glove box, but it gets way, way more play than a CD at the bottom of a stack usually would. It’s there because, as a heterosexual male nearing 30 years old, the songs featured on the mix are a little incriminating.

That’s because each and every track on there is bubblegum pop. It’s a mix of my guiltiest poppy pleasures—songs that I shouldn’t like but, for some inexplicable reason really do. I’ve got Hillary Duff’s “Come Clean” and JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late” on there. Katherine McPhee, David Archuleta, and Vanessa Carlton also are prominently featured.

And there’s Lindsay Pagano and her 2001 hit, “Everything U R,” which gets more play than just about any other track on the disc.

Pagano was just fifteen years old when she recorded that single, which saw moderate success thanks to an era in pop music that definitely fostered cute teens crooning over catchy beats. What drew me to that particular song however was the pureness of her voice and the mesmerizing quality of the track’s harmonies, which are so tight that you can barely pick out the different parts.

Apparently, Pagano dropped out of the music industry after that 2001 album and did the whole college thing like a normal human being. In 2009, though, she released a slew of new songs and, at age 24, is smoking hot and doing her thing all over again.

For a good throwback track, haul in “Everything U R,” even if you’re a heterosexual male nearing 30 years old. If you dig it and want more Lindsay, run game on YouTube and check out the new stuff. Maybe you’ll find some tracks for your own guilty pleasures pop mix. Don’t pretend like you don’t have at least 10 songs you could fill a disc with.

Seriously. I know I’m not the only one.

Here’s a link to the old video for “Everything U R.”

And check out her more recent stuff, namely, ” I Gotta Stop:”

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