Throwback Thursday: Michael Tolcher

I saw Michael Tolcher perform back in 2004 when I was still studying to be “undecided” at my university.  Me and my buddy listened to his album I Am a number of times during that year, which also prompted a number of replica photographs we called the “Michael Tolcher” pose (see Figure A.)  It would have made for some great Facebook profile pictures had it been around at that point in time, but I suppose it’s never too late.

Figure A

Honestly, after I left school and moved on to the real world, I sort of forgot about Michael Tolcher.  I really wish I hadn’t because he really was a talented guy.  His music mixed elements of funk, pop, alternative, rock and hip-hop into one catchy compilation.  I Am was an album you could listen to for any occasion and not get tired of hearing it.  He had a knack for creating songs with positive messages (which was a nice change of pace considering the top radio hits at the time consisted of the Ying Yang Twins and Eastside Boys.)

Michael Tolcher has still been around the music industry creating songs occasionally and even attending the Sundance Film Festival to educate attendees on music for feature films and television.  He’s sort of a music professional.  A professional of music if you will.  Check out his album I Am if you’re looking for something poppy and positive.  It will definitely hit the spot.

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