Throwback Thursday: Nine Days

I’m not here to talk about “Absolutely (Story of a Girl).” I promise. And I’m guessing that if we were to ever interview the guys from Nine Days, they’d probably shy away from talking about, too. After all, that song absolutely dominated the summer of 2000, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who was alive and listening to the radio during that era who doesn’t know damn near every lyric to that song. Thanks to Lady-Gaga-Level radio play, some of us haven’t been able to unstick that tune from our craws in a decade.

ninedays2To be perfectly honest, it’s usually songs like “Absolutely” that inspire Fresh Scouts to do what we do. We don’t like top-40 radio stations telling us what we have to listen to, so we dig for good stuff in other avenues. Interestingly, considering it’s been ten years since Nine Days had a real hit, we find ourselves hopping into the Delorean and digging back their way.

And, like I said, it has absolutely nothing to do with “Absolutely.”

Today we’re throwing back to the group’s 2003 album, entitled “Flying the Corporate Jet”—the first record they were able to release following “Absolutely” and the album it rode in on (“The Madding Crowd,” remember?). The first track on the disc, called “29 Year Old Girls,” easily could have been another hit single had it gotten a sliver of the publicity they received for their previous work. Alas, Sony dropped them in 2002, so we never really got a public second-dose of the guys that rocked 2000 harder than granite. Or diamonds. I guess diamonds are higher on the Mohs Hardness scale, so we’ll say they rocked harder than diamonds. I feel better.

Since 2003, Nine Days has put out yet another EP, 2007’s “Slow Motion Life Part 1,” which is probably the best overall body of work they’ve ever done. There are only six tracks on the disc, but five of them are very, very good. Has enough time passed since 2007 for us to consider that disc a throwback, too? For now, we’ll say maybe. In two or three more years, we’ll say definitely.

However we classify them, just don’t call these guys a one-hit wonder, because they weren’t (aren’t?). Even when “Absolutely” was hot they released a second single called “If I Am” that remains my favorite Nine Days song of all time and probably a top-25 pop song, period. And I lived through the ‘90s, folks. That’s saying a lot. In a different world, these guys would still be on top of the charts, but even though they aren’t, they still tour (sixteen years strong!), so it’s relatively easy to get out there and support a great band still doing their thing. There are few things FS loves more than ‘90s bands that are still keeping it going. And Nine Days is keeping it going.

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