Throwback Thursday: Obie Trice

“When I leave here tonight and I fall asleep and wake up, hopefully she’s got some teeth.”

So goes the poetry of rapper Obie Trice, which I always thought was an interesting stage name but recently discovered that it’s exactly what’s printed on his birth certificate. It’s a hilarious song, the first off of Trice’s debut album “Cheers,” that just so happens to have the bonus of being really, really catchy.

obietrice2When this record came out back in 2003, Obie was one of the poster boys of Eminem’s Shady Records, which meant that his first album got the star treatment in terms of production and guest stars. Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Eminem, and a slew of other big-name producers added beats for the album, meaning the final result is something both lyrically experimental and commercially acceptable. This guy can rap, and he’s got the sort of energetic voice that absolutely demands your attention. He’s not slurring through phrases and trying too hard to be cool and gangster; he almost sings at you with the oomph in his voice. The dude projects.

As a Timbaland junkie, I can say that his track on the album, “Bad Bitch,” is far and away the most interesting and catchy track on the list (outside of “Teeth,” obviously), but “The Set Up” featuring Nate Dogg is a lot simpler yet equally effective. The record is, as they say in the rougher parts of my neighborhood, “dope.”

Since 2003, Trice has been shot in the head (and survived, obviously), seen his label-mate Proof shot (and not survived), and left Eminem’s record label. In December of last year he put out his first LP under his own label, Black Market Entertainment, as a pad for his unreleased album, “Bottom’s Up,” which he recorded while with Shady Records and is just now coming out of the yellow tape to make a reality. The 2009 album, “Special Reserve,” is much less commercial but the lyrics are still all Obie Trice (real name, no gimmicks).

Even if you don’t care about what Obie has done since ’03, you should still at least pick up “Cheers” because it’s a solid rap album all the way through. You can take your girlfriend with you. And when you leave the record store and fall asleep and wake up, hopefully she’s got some teeth.

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