Throwback Thursday: Spin Doctors

All “jam bands” that have been ripping it up on the top 40 charts and at house parties owe their success to the Spin Doctors.  The doctors of spin dominated the early 90′s with a blend of commercially accepted rock, funk and straight up jamming.  Pocket Full of Kryptonite became their career defining album when it hit the airwaves in 1991, and it forever left its mark on pop culture.


I recently rediscovered Pocket Full of Kryptonite as I was cleaning up and purging my expansive music collection.  The Spin Doctors’ disc was actually wedged under Kris Kross’ Totally Krossed Out (don’t judge me).  After I swung my pants back around facing forward I dove in and was reminded why I enjoyed the Spin Doctors so much.  Lead singer Chris Barron’s playful voice highlights an album that is all about having fun and enjoying life through music.  Listening to tracks like “Two Princes” acts like a time machine and takes me back to the early 90′s.  Not the angst of grunge that was soon to follow, but the summer fun and frivolity of the time.

Over the years the Spin Doctors have released a hand full of records, but none of them were ever able to match the commercial success of Pocket Full Of Kryptonite.  The guys have reunited from time to time to dust off the classics, but many of them have taken up other projects to express their musical talents.  Speaking of other projects…were you aware that when the Spin Doctors first started in the 1980′s they were called the Trucking Company?  Yeah, and one of the original members was a dude named John Popper.  Pretty cool, huh?  That would explain why the Spin Doctors have spent a lot of stage time with Blues Traveler over the years.  Thanks to Wikipedia we all are a little smarter today.  Welcome the Spin Doctors back in to your life.  They will make you happy.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”, “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”, “Two Princes” and “Shinbone Alley/Hard to Existwhich features Popper.

Check out the colorful video for “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”

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