Throwback Thursday: Stone Temple Pilots

There are few guarantees in life.  Although, I have identified two that will stand the test of time.

  1. Everything in pop culture has the ability to make a comeback.
  2. Very few people took Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” policy seriously.

The Stone Temple Pilots adhere to both of those statements.  They crushed it in the early 90′s and now they are making a comeback in 2010.  And let’s just say that some of the guys messed around with the drugs.  Understatement’s aside, STP simply changed my music world in 1992 with their debut release of Core.

Stone Temple Pilots

STP is still rockin' after 18 years.

Core hit my eardrums during my formative teen years.  This album was a game changer for me.  I guess you can say it rocked me to my “core”.  STP dominated the 90′s grunge scene along with juggernauts like Pearl Jam and Nirvana.  Core was an instant mainstream success racking up a Grammy for “Plush” and it was certified platinum 8 times.  To top it all off, the gritty tone and message of the album seemed to come from an honest place.  My bootleg cassette copy of Core still holds a special place in my musical archives.

Over the remainder of the 90′s the guys churned out four more albums with some solid tracks.  However, nothing could quite match the intensity and popularity of Core.  That knowledge, coupled with a lot of the bands personal demons, sidetracked them for many years.  But, as I stated earlier, everything in pop culture has the ability to make a comeback.  The guys are back at it with their recent self-titled release of Stone Temple Pilots.  They may never be able to eclipse Core, but they are doing a helluva job trying.  Check out their new album and revisit the glory of Core.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Dead & Bloated”, “Plush”, and “Wicked Garden”

Check out STP’s unplugged version of “Plush”

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