Throwback Thursday: Teitur

I first met Teitur, in the fall of 2003, while he was touring with Matt Nathanson.  I really didn’t know what to think about Teitur.  He came across shy and reserved.  He had an accent that I couldn’t quite place and he said he hailed from the Faroe Islands.  With those clues and my Holmes like logic, I concluded that he might have been a less written about character from the mind of J.R. R. Tolkien.  When Teitur hit the stage my goofy preconceived notions were blown way.  After he completed his set I picked my jaw up off of the floor and took in a much needed breath.  That night he became one of my favorite artists.

Teitur is thinking.

Teitur is just thinking.

Teitur’s 2003 release, Poetry and Aeroplanes, is hands down one of the most beautiful albums I have ever listened to.  Every time I give the record a spin I can’t help but feel a little guilty because it seems like I am reading his personal diary.  Each song feels like it was lifted word by word straight from his experiences with love, longing and happiness.  Songwriters want to create tracks that draw listeners in.  Teitur not only draws listeners in, he encourages a shared listening experience.  The well crafted lyrics exude genuine emotion.  The intelligently structured instrumentation is simply amazing.  Universal Records saw something in Poetry and Aeroplanes and they attempted to share the music with the world.  After touring with Teitur, John Mayer was quoted in Esquire saying that the album was one of “best albums to come around in the last five years.”

With all of that being said most of you might be asking yourself, “why haven’t I heard of Teitur before?”  Well, the music industry can be a crazy beast.  Universal Records never really seemed to get behind the promotion of the album and they let it sit on the shelf.  A dedicated fan base and word of mouth promotion did get his music out there.  Tracks ended up on some film soundtracks and there was some minor radio play.  In 2006, Teitur and Universal parted ways.  Since that split he has turned into a global troubadour sharing his amazing talent with loving audiences that cannot get enough of his storytelling.

Add Poetry and Aeroplanes to your music collection.  “One and Only” is one of my all time favorite love songs.  I can never get enough of the upbeat “You’re the Ocean”.  And “I Was Just Thinking” and “Josephine” are soothing masterpieces.  Prepare yourself to be moved and wooed by the incredibly artistic and emotional music.

Video for “I Was Just Thinking”

The amazing “One and Only”

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