Throwback Thursday: Vertical Horizon

verticalhorizon2If you’re not familiar with this band, you are most certainly familiar with their songs.  Unless you were born in the late 90′s in which case you might not be familiar with their songs.  But that’s just weird to think about so I’ll just pretend like you were all born pre-1995.  If you were born in the late 90′s and that offends you, I’m sorry.  But you missed out on the best decade of this or any generation.

For those of you that DO know what I’m talking about, Vertical Horizon started killing the charts in 1999 with their #1 hit “Everything You Want.”  Their second hit ” You’re A God” soon followed with quick climb to #23 on the charts and #1 in my heart.  Numerous covers of their songs quickly spread to college bedrooms nationwide and their popularity grew to astronomical proportions.  Their 1999 release Everything You Want went double-platinum and made these guys a staple of the close of the 90′s.

Their latest release Burning the Days is currently available to check out along with their other 5 albums dating back to 1992.  If you dig the new stuff AND want to take a walk down memory lane with the classics, Vertical Horizon is touring the states this summer and are going to be coming through the Chicagoland area mid-July. And just for old times’ sake, check out the video for “Everything You Want”:

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