Tyrone Wells

If you watch television you have most likely heard the music of Tyrone Wells.  His songs have been featured in Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Rescue Me, and Numb3rs.  And that is just a small sampling because the television and movie appearances of his songs go on and on.  His music has highlighted dramatic moments and accented celebratory situations.  Basically, he assisted with telling you how to feel.  How does he do it?  Magic?  Maybe.  My bet is on the fact that he is an incredible songwriter and a powerful singer.  But, he may also use the Tarantallegra* spell.


Tyrone using his magic.

Tyrone Wells is a west coast singer-songwriter with a knack for creating music that speaks to people.  In early 2000, he set out and began his solo music career with the intention of sharing his music with people.  Just six years later he landed a deal with Universal Records.  After re-releasing his first independent album, Hold On, the label quickly helped him share Remain with the entire world.  Over the past year the album has, well…”remain”ed a mainstay in the music industry.  Radio play, heavy touring and song placement in television and film has landed Tyrone smack dab in the middle of the musical dart board.

I saw Tyrone play live at a gig back in 2006.  I was instantly hooked on his music.  In addition to having amazing musical skill, he also exudes genuine sincerity when he is on stage.  What you see is truly what you get.  And what you get is good.  Real good.  I recommend that you check out “Sink or Swim”, “More” and “In Between the Lines”.   Tyrone’s new EP, Metal & Wood, comes out March 2, 2010.  I am sure it will be just as magical as Remain.

*The Tarantallegra Spell is used to force another person’s legs to begin dancing uncontrollably.  Thank you Harry Potter for making me the nerd that I am.

Tyrone plays his hit single “Sink or Swim” in a van.  Yes, in a van.  Music begins at 56 seconds.

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