Vampire Weekend

People always ask me, “Did you have a good weekend?”  And I always tell them, “Yes, I had quite the vampire weekend.”  And they say, “Tank, what the hell are you talking about?”  And I distinctly reply, “I don’t know.”  So maybe I don’t know exactly what a vampire weekend is, but when a band shares the name and their songs are stuck in my head, it’s on my mind.  It doesn’t even have to make sense.

vampireweekend2Vampire Weekend first struck real recognition with their 2008 self-titled release which contained the catchy single “A-Punk” and taught us the importance of oxford commas with the cleverly named “Oxford Comma“.  Their mix of simple, catchy guitar riffs and driving indie rock beats create a sound that’s a whole lot of fun with no boring.  Lead singer Ezra Koenig brings uniqueness to the sound with a signature voice that’s energetic but not overpowering.

I’ve always been attracted to Vampire Weekend (as a band, not romantically) because of how unique yet relate-able their sound is.  They have a kind of lovable essence that surrounds their music and music videos (see the links above.)

Their latest release Contra incorporates that same energy with their latest single “Cousins” which is a disorientingly amusing track that is a jumble of guitar riffs and a bass line that never stops.  Try on some of the other tracks like “Holiday” and “California English” and you’re in for another treat courtesy of Vampire Weekend.

Check out the new video for “Cousins”:

And in case you were wondering, Vampire Weekend was the name of Ezra Koenig’s amateur film of the same name.  I’m guessing the plot had something to do with vampires out for a weekend break and getting into all sorts of highjinx.  Like a mixture of “Twilight” and “American Pie” with a little sprinkle of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.  That’s my guess anyways.

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