We Are the Fallen

wearethefallen2When I first heard “Bury Me Alive,” and saw that the name of the band attached to the track wasn’t Evanescence, I immediately hit up the internet to check if Amy Lee had latched onto a new band (the same way I felt the need to double-check that One Day as a Lion was a Zack de la Rocha project. It was).

It wasn’t Amy Lee, but it was Evanescence. Well, sort of. Three of the original members of the band recruited 2008 “American Idol” standout Carly Smithson and pretty much kept the same sound. I’m not kidding when I say Smithson sounds about 89-93% identical to Lee, and We Are the Fallen’s lone teaser track is as catchy and haunting as any Evanescence song. If you loved them, you’re gonna love this.

Having followed “Idol” pretty faithfully over the years (don’t pretend like you haven’t), I remember Smithson pretty vividly as the tattooed hottie with the Irish accent. She was a controversial contestant on the show at the time because she’d previously released an album with MCA before making the show, but she still finished sixth and obviously rode that newfound fame into a pretty sweet gig as the new Amy Lee.

Smithson was reportedly halfway through her first post-idol album when Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody contacted her about joining his new project. So the pop album was scrapped (to a degree—Smithson has said that she’s holding onto the finished tracks for a later solo project), and she officially joined up with We Are the Fallen in the summer of 2009. In the meantime, “Bury Me Alive” made enough waves to get the group signed to Universal, with a full album expected in the spring.

It’s not exactly a super-group, and it’s not exactly Evanescence, but We Are the Fallen is pretty darn close to both, and the little I’ve heard from them so far has been overwhelmingly good. We Are the Fallen is about rise.

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