Weekly Jukebox: 10/11/10

Skillet – “Awake and Alive”

I know a lot of people enjoy rocking out as long as the lyrical themes are hardcore and frightening and angst-ridden, but Skillet has made a name for themselves by rocking out rather positively and optimistically. “Awake and Alive” is something I’d let my kids listen to, had I children of appropriate music-listening ages.

Ne-Yo – “Everything’s Alright”

Ne-Yo is the kind of unapologetic pop R&B that’s usually plastered all over top 40 radio, but “Everything’s Alright” is too good to ignore. If you hurry, you can enjoy this one for a couple weeks before it, too, get overplayed on your favorite FM station.

Saving Abel – “The Sex Is Good”

This probably isn’t one I’d let my hypothetical children listen to, but that doesn’t mean we adults can enjoy the musicality of the track, which is undeniably mellow and fun. It’s got a fun hook, too, which is normally the secret to good, modern music.

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