Weekly Jukebox: 11/1/2010

Cartel – “Faster Ride”

The third single off of the third album for Cartel, “Faster Ride” is one of the better songs the Georgian band has put out since “Honestly,” which was five years ago. The new record is solid overall, but this latest single is our personal fave from the album.

Donnellshawn – “Learning Love”

This is unapologetic pop R&B, but it’s exactly the sort of unapologetic pop R&B that, if given the air time, ends up getting pimped by Ryan Seacrest on Sunday morning radio. Donnellshawn is a new artist about which not a whole lot is known (his tweets are “protected” for cripe’s sake.), but we’re digging the guy. This right here is a good track. Give her a gander…

Peedi Crakk & Li’l Cease featuring Black Rob – “I Don’t Know”

Long-time readers will know that there are a few artist and groups who can do no wrong in our eyes, and The Roots are one of them. So if they love Peedi Peedi, I’m going to love Peedi Peedi, too, and this new track featuring hip-hop mainstays Li’l Cease (formerly of Junior) and Black Rob (Whoa!) is right up the alley of rap super-sweetness, as we’d expect. The instrumental sounds like something from the Robin Hood/Braveheart era but with bass and a beat, and the hook is oddly catchy, hitting unexpected minor chords in a high-pitched chipmunk voice. All awesome. The whole caboodle.

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