Weekly Jukebox: 11/29/2010

The 88 – They Ought To See You Now

If you think these guys’ sound is a little familiar, cue up an episode of “Community” and enjoy the theme song. Does that settle your little earworm? Good. Now I can provide you with a brand new one with “They Ought To See You Know,” a crazy fun, upbeat rock track that sounds like something that could play alongside Smash Mouth and Fastball on a late ‘90s pop-rock mix. There’s no way to hate this song, even if you don’t love it. But I think you’re gonna love it. Love away:

Frankie J – I Need You

While I can’t deny the fact that occasionally there are club/dance tracks that I do thoroughly enjoy, it should be stated that they have to fit a certain number of criteria. For one, the beat has to be hot and grindy (“I Need You” is), the artist doing the vocals has to be legitimately talented (Frankie J is), and it has to be something that incites me to break out in a full-bodied dance, even while driving a car (check). If it can’t do all those things, I’m not interested, but I’m interested in this song because, ya know, it does do all those things.

Agnes Obel – Riverside

Do a Google image search on Danish singer Agnes Obel and what pops up are loads of picture that feature what seems to be a pretty cute blonde with gorgeous blue eyes dressed in the kind of gear you’d expect to be worn by the Little Women or the House on the Prairie girls. Maybe that’s her shtick. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter, because even if she draped herself in seaweed and stepped into steel-toed combat boots, “Riverside,” would still be a haunting and gorgeous song.

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