Weekly Jukebox: 11/8/2010

The Smooth Maria – “Abandoned Town”

This song is so simple, it just might work.  Enjoy sweeping vocals and a simple acoustic guitar melody.  Perfect for that fall day that just won’t quit.  I’m not even sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

Abandoned Town - Paper Thin - EP

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The Aggrolites – “Firecracker”

Funky fresh?  Check.  Silky smooth?  Check.  Hippity Hoppity? Check.  You’ll get it all with this tasty jam from The Aggrolites.  You’ll be up and out of your chair in 10 seconds flat.

Firecracker - IV

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Kids of 88 – “My House”

Retro and rockin’, this jam from Kids of 88 will take you back to the days of synthesizers and reckless youth.  Super trendy drum beats and a catchy chorus are enough to have anyone humming this bad boy.  Check it before you wreck it.

My House - My House - Single

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