Weekly Jukebox: 12/20/10

Galt Aureus – “Citadels”

The best part about this song is the dramatic, instrumental breakdown where if you owned a colorful ribbon attached to stick you could wave it back and forth in joyful celebration.  If you’ve yet to purchase your ribbon wand, then you can simply use your first in pounding gestures to show your enthusiasm for what this dynamic duo,  Galt Aureus (pronounced galt AWR-ee-uhs) has done with the song “Citadels.”

Rev Theory – “Hell Yeah”

The title of this song sends you the immediate disclaimer that it may induce whip lash…you know from head banging. If you’re not into head banging a faster paced toe tap will get the job done. It’s one of those songs where you may not remember any other lyrics aside from “Hell Yeah” but you remember it made you feel motivated…or sore…you know, from head banging.

Esmee Denters – “Love Dealer”

“Is that…no it can’t be…but it looks just like him.” Yes, it is Justin Timberlake showing his support for the equally talented Esmee Denters in this hip-hop single. Not sure why this song hasn’t blow up big on the Top 40 charts yet, but it gives us the opportunity to share it with you first.

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