Weekly Jukebox: 1/24/11

Kid Sister – “Daydreamin’”

A cousin’s neighbor’s uncle’s half brother’s best friend’s study buddy of mine actually knows Kid Sister.  True story.   Knowing that I could potentially be best friends with a musical genius, I decided to explore Kid Sister’s melodious workings.  I decided she’s pretty good.  So now you can say a cousin’s neighbor’s blah blah blah knows Kid Sister and you guys are pretty much best friends.

Eliza Doolittle – “Rollerblades”

Do you hear that? It sounds a bit like lemonade stands, swimming pools, and freeze pops. Eliza Doolittle has a few intriguing and enjoyable hits which include this little delight with “Rollerblades.” I’ll support anyone who tries to creatively bring back a token of my childhood. This song even inspires me to lace up the ‘ol inline skates and practice by backwards couple skate maneuvers. Memories.

Iron and Wine – “Boy With a Coin”

Iron and Wine… like liver and Cabernet or shrimp and Merlot OR this singer-songwriter from South Carolina. The clapping paralleling with the guitar strumming in this song inspires for me an immediate reaction of toe tapping and enjoyment. Plus, he plays a banjo. Banjos have and will always be fun. If you dare to argue I’ll thumb wrestle you…to death.

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Jenna is a long-time lover of music that has a knack for discovering new artists. In fact, she discovered The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The Yardbirds and any other band you can think of that starts with "the". That might not all be true, but there is one thing that is: her love for music. (Single tear)

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