Weekly Jukebox: 3/29/10

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

Hope Sandov lands the vocals on this track like Sully lands planes in the Hudson, but it’s the dynamism of the music itself that makes this track so haunting and utterly engrossing. Massive Attack could give two craps about lyrics and vocals; as far as they’re concerned they exist only to complement the music. And in this case, the music is undeniably fantastic, and it changes enough over the course of the track to keep even sufferers of A.D.D. completely and utterly look at that bird! It’s flying! What was I saying?

Das Pop – Never Get Enough

If you listen very, very carefully there’s a distant hint of a Jackson 5 sample in the backdrop of this track, but it’s not a retro sound at all. Das Pop may be based out of Belgium, but they’ve got a sound that could be marketable here in the US, at least when it comes to this song.

Lily Allen – Not Fair

In between oldschool rickety country and the modern flavor of Lily Allen’s UK hip-hop is “Not Fair,” an admittedly brazen track lamenting a former lover’s ineptitude in the bedroom. But regardless of what it’s actually about, the song is catchier than hell. So blast it, but when your six-year-old child asks what Lily means when she says, “You never make me scream,” just tell her it’s because Lily and her friends play well together in the sandbox. Probably best to just leave it at that.

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