Weekly Jukebox: 3/8/10

Civil Twilight – “Letters From the Sky”

Just having the word “Twilight” in its title, this song probably upped it’s Google hits by 10,000% in the 12-17 year-old female demographic, but you don’t have to love Edward Cullen to love this song. Trust us, this has nothing to do with Stephanie Meyer. Instead, we get a haunting piano piece with a smooth, driving drumbeat and emotional vocals typical of something you’d hear out of Coldplay. Except it’s not Coldplay, so it has that going for it.

Mojo Morgan – “Million $ Check”

If you took the sound of somebody breaking wind and ran in through a synthesizer, you’d have the surprisingly catchy bass line of this new cut from Mojo Morgan. Clean guitars supplement that musical elephant stomp for an R&B track that can’t do anything other than make you smile and tap the hell out of your toes.

David Nail – “Turning Home”

We don’t like our country music to lean too heavily towards pop music, but we also don’t like it to sound like someone named Billy Bob Joe Robbie is singing lead. Somewhere in the middle is ideal, and David Nail, whose “Red Light” is up for a CMA,” absolutely “nails” that happy medium (get it?). “Turning Home” is a nice relaxing country ballad with just enough rhythm to make you hit the steering wheel with the butt of your palm when the chorus kicks in.

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