Weekly Jukebox: 4/19/10

Cypress Hill – “Armada Latina”

Back in the early ‘90s, these guys were Insane in the Membrane, and they meant so much to me then that I actually got excited when B Real showed up on the “Space Jam” soundtrack. Today, they’ve put together a hot track that samples Crosby, Still, and Nash’s “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” and features Pitbull and Marc Anthony. A perfect fusion of Latin salsa and hip-hop, this track will get you gyrating your hips. And hipping to the hopping.

Serj Tankian – “The Charade”

If the name isn’t familiar, Serj Tankian is the lead singer for System of a Down, and this particular song is a solo track he put together just for the smell of it. Like pretty much every other System of a Down song I’ve ever liked, I can’t decide if I want to laugh at Tankian’s goofy vocal style or really get into the innovative rhythms he comes up with. Give the song a chance and it’ll really grow on you.

The Prodigy – “Stand Up”

This is track #1 off of the original soundtrack for the film “Kick-Ass,” a goofy superhero flick that did very well in the box office this past weekend. Haven’t seen the film yet (but I wanna), however the soundtrack is respectable. This catchy instrumental is the stuff opening themes are made of. Of course, having never seen the film, I couldn’t tell you if it actually is the opening theme or not. It should be.

Check out the red-band trailer (NSFW) for “Kick-Ass” below. The first song played in the background of the trailer is “Stand Up.” Check out the full track below-er at Lala.  As always…

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