Weekly Jukebox: 5/10/2010

Court Yard Hounds – “Ain’t No Son”

I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel listening to 2/3 of the Dixie Chicks.  I mean, I am in love with Natalie Maines’ voice and without it I wasn’t sure how it would go.  But then I reminded myself that Martie Maguire and Emily Robison were the ones that created the Chicks and they both are incredibly musically talented.  Thankfully the sisters deliver with good old rockin’ country.  “Ain’t No Son” is a hard driving track that will get you thumping your foot along to the beat.  I am still waiting patiently for the Dixie Chicks to release a new record, but in the meantime the Court Yard Hounds satisfy my need for some good country twang.

Check out the Court Yard Hounds performing on The Late Show with David Letterman

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Court Yard Hounds - Court Yard Hounds (Deluxe Version) - Ain't No Son

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Josh Ritter – “Change of Time”

I really enjoy Josh Ritter.  He has established himself as a singer-songwriter that other singer-songwriters look to for direction.  His songwriting skill is advanced and his delivery is crystal clear.  With his new album, So Runs the World Away, the 33 year-old Ritter serves up another solid track with “Change of Time”.  The instrumentation beautifully sweeps across the track and the lyrics are like leaves caught in that breeze.  Yeah, I’m deep.

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Josh Ritter - So Runs the World Away - Change of Time

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Gin Wigmore – “Oh My”

Oh my, I enjoy this song.  Here are the reasons: 1) Gin Wigmore is a great name.  It sounds like it came together in a game of Madlibs or something along those lines.  Great name.  2) She is adding herself to the great list of New Zealand exports along with Flight of the Conchords and the Lord of the Rings.  3) Her bad girl image combined with her raspy tone gives me an Amy Winehouse vibe without all of the rehab and baggage.

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Gin Wigmore - Holy Smoke - Oh My

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