Weekly Jukebox: 5/17/10

Mike Posner – “Cooler Than Me”

This up-and-comer from Southfield, Michigan has got himself a Billboard climber with his first single, “Cooler Than Me.” Its heavy, borderline techno synth beat drives the song, but Posner’s smoky voice and hip lyrics have plenty to do with its continued success, too. This track is getting hot right now, but we promise you—it’s about to get even hotter.

Hanson – “Thinking Bout Somethin’ ”

Hanson, huh? That’s funny. I remember there used to be this band called “Hanson” back in the ‘90s, made up of little kids that sang pretty tight little harmonies and played their instruments damn well for being so young. “Mmm Bop” is immortal, yet ever-so-cheesy. That’s weird how there’s a whole other band called Hanson, also made up of three brothers who pull off tight harmonies and play their instruments damn well. Except this group is comprised of grown-ups. And their new song, “Thinkin’ Bout Something,” is hip, catchy, and has a great video. Sort of like “Mmm Bop” all those years ago. What a coincidence, right?

Bruno Mars featuring Cee-Lo & B.o.B. – “The Other Side”

We know Bruno Mars because he’s the guy who sings the hook for B.o.B.’s smash hit “Nothin’ on You,” but this track featuring Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley and Goodie Mob fame has the vibe of a bona fide smash hit. The hook hits hard, and it goes from smooth R&B (Mars) to rap (B.o.B.) to something in between (Cee-Lo). It’s got a little bit of everything, and it’ll be stuck in your head all week.

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