Weekly Jukebox: 5/24/10

Jimmy Needham – “Firefly”

I don’t care what anybody says about spring being the season of love. To me, it’s always been the summer. It’s lighter longer, the weather is gorgeous every day, the pools and beaches are open, and there are cookouts and fireworks and vacations. Everything is ripe for tummy butterflies and young love, and this Jimmy Needham song that just so happens to share a title with another summer staple is sheer happiness. And I’m giving it to you just in time for June. You’re welcome. Now go fall in love with somebody and have yourself a picnic.

Ashlyne Huff – “Heart of Gold”

This is a song you could, and should, dance to. In fact, Huff is originally a dancer, and in the video she puts on an impressive display of juking and jiving. Beyond that, the song’s hook is catchy, the beat is hot, and the singer is more than a little attractive. This video is pretty much rolling on all cylinders.

Game – “Shake” (Travis Barker Remix)

We know that Game (Formerly THE Game of G-Unit Fame) isn’t exactly a new name that we’re putting out there, but the Travis Barker remix of his song “Shake” is one of the head-bobbingest hip-hop tracks we’ve heard in a while. The normal version of the song is hot, too, but Barker’s extra layer of drums that kick in about a third of the way on the remix add a whole layer of dope to this musical soufflé.

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