Weekly Jukebox: 5/3/2010

J. Cole – “Who Dat”

When I was in high school, I had this buddy who, when a rap song really impressed the hell out of him, he’d lose complete and utter control of his body. I’d play a new track for him and say, “Check this out,” then watch him 30 seconds into the song as his eyes got big, then his neck would start to tighten up and he’d hold back a huge smile. And before I knew it he was doing this sort of hybrid laugh/scream because he literally couldn’t contain himself over the awesomeness of the song. A lot of time has passed since high school, and I don’t see this friend that much anymore, but I imagine that would’ve been his reaction to “Who Dat,” which is easily my favorite song at the moment.

The Constellations – “Felicia”

Somewhere in between funk, rock, and something based very loosely on rap lies “Felicia,” by the Constellations. Essentially, it’s a song about a sexy lady named—you guessed it—Felicia, and how much the authors of the song would like to have intimate relations with her. It’s upbeat and extremely fun, and the video (which appears to have several cameos from the tattooed stripper that broke up the Sandra Bullock marriage) bangs home the tone of the track flawlessly. Plus, these guys look like they’d be really fun to hang out with. So there’s that.

Charice featuring Iyaz – “Pyramid”

I’m not gonna lie; this is shameless pop. Everything you’d expect from a formulaic teen Top 40 song is here: really cute female singer, rugged urban male doing the hook, simple heavy beat, basic major chords. But. It’s really, really ridiculously catchy. And fun. Avid music fans don’t always have to roll their eyes at pop music just because it’s not some underground indie track. It can be really good sometimes, and that’s the case with “Pyramid.”

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